Searching Through Dustbins


Searching Through Dustbins – an authentic account of the birth of a business | by Abed Tau

ISBN 978-0-6399928-4-6
e-ISBN (ePUB) 978-0-6399928-5-3



I have been married four times – and I intend to have many more weddings! These marriages have given me five children, and we are hoping (make that expecting) a soccer team in the years to come.

I am not talking about a conventional marriage. Rather, I’m talking about the number of business partners I have and the number of businesses we have started and continue to run. I refer to these as ‘marriages’ because your relationship with your business partners isn’t all that different to a marriage. You fight, you laugh, you build together, you love each other, and you sometimes hate each other. The businesses that you start are your children; each has to be nurtured and taken care of until it becomes a responsible adult and can begin to function on its own.

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